Top 10 reasons to move to Manchester


Here at Jacksonheim we may be biased, but we have always known that Manchester is the best place to live. Now, with more and more people moving to Manchester each year, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons to move to our favourite city.

1. The people

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Manchester may have an abundance of amazing things to do, and places to see, but nothing quite beats the people of Manchester. Known for being able to talk to anyone, Mancunians are as friendly as their stereotype suggests. If this wasn’t enough, Mancs have also given us some of our most historic moments in music, history and more, with the Suffragette movement, Coronation street, Oasis, The Stone Roses, and the Industrial Revolution to say the least.

2. The Football

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Home to not one, but two of the world’s biggest football teams, it’s no wonder football makes for another enticing reason to move to Manchester. The rivalry between the blues and the reds makes up part of Manchester’s culture, and Derby Day can be one of the most exciting and lively times for the city.

3. The Food

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Recent years have seen Manchester become one of the best places to eat out, with the most eclectic group of restaurants and eateries. From the best Italian to the best Japanese, all night dining, the best pizza in the UK, and a vegan café at every corner, Manchester really does have something for everyone, even a curry mile. Check out our Neighbourhood Heroes to find the best spots to eat out in Manchester.

4. The Nightlife

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If you like partying and going out, Manchester is the place to be. With the ability to walk from bar to bar, club to club or event space to house party, Manchester’s city centre layout offers an unrivalled nightlife experience. If this wasn’t enough, Manchester’s nightlife truly does have something for everyone. Find out the best places to go for a night out in Manchester in our Nightlife Heroes guide.

5. The Music

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Manchester is renowned for the long list of world famous bands and musicians it has produced. From the Stone Roses, to the Bee Gees, and Happy Mondays to Oasis, Manchester has a rich music history that you can’t miss when living here. To add to it’s history, Manchester allows you to experience new music almost every night with it’s wide range of music venues and nightly gigs.

6. The Travel

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Unlike many other places in the country, living in Manchester allows you to visit two neighbouring cities in just half an hour. This means you can visit Leeds or Liverpool, experience their great cities in a day, or a night out, and make it back to the comfort of your own Mancunian home in a day. If you’re looking for a bit more of an adventure, Manchester is home to what is quickly becoming a large enough airport to rival Heathrow. You can now fly to 199 global destinations from the airport that is only an uber ride away from the city centre.

7. The countryside

Created by By Mick Knapton

Manchester is home to some of the country’s most picturesque villages , walks, and countryside. Mancs have the luxury of visiting an abundance of national parks less than an hours drive away. To find out some of our favourite countryside walking destinations, check out our neighbourhood walking guides.

8.  The Universities

Created by Mike Peel

Manchester is home to three universities, including the prestigious red brick University of Manchester, the business forward Manchester Metropolitan University, and the creative Salford University. Therefore, it’s no wonder Manchester has one of the biggest student populations in the UK. However, we’d argue the city has as much appeal to students as the education.

9. The cost of living

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Central Manchester may seem like the next London, but one thing it doesn’t have in common with the capitol is the extortionate housing costs. To add to Manchester’s long list of reasons, the low cost of amazing properties is definitely one of the biggest motivations for moving to the city.

10. The jobs

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Manchester has an abundance of career opportunities in a wide range of industries, with brands ranging from Kelloggs to Missguided. With an expected 110,000 jobs to have been created in the ten years spanning  2014-2024, it’s the perfect place to make a new start.


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