The Jacksonheim Boutique launches partnership to combat homelessness across the city of Manchester

Homelessness in Manchester could increase to a scale not seen since the 1930’s as a result of COVID-19. More than 5,000 people are currently homeless in Greater Manchester. This figure is also expected to rise in the wake of COVID-19 redundancies, as The Manchester Evening News (MEN) reported last month:

‘In August, the region’s leaders warned that “homelessness could return to the streets of Greater Manchester on a scale not seen since the 1930s.”

The Mayor Andy Burnham pledged to end rough sleeping in the city region by 2020. His scheme ‘A Bed Every Night’, and the efforts of all Greater Manchester’s authorities to get people off the streets and into accommodation at the start of the pandemic, has made a big difference.

But The Manchester Evening news MEN recent report suggests there is still a lot to do – just as the country’s economic outlook is starting to look bleak. It falls to the local community and both local and national businesses to take action and help combat the problem.

Manchester-based luxury boutique apartment accommodation provider, The Jacksonheim Boutique and the not-for-profit booking website, HotelsThatHelp have teamed up to try take action. is an accommodation booking platform like no other. Run entirely by volunteers, they give 100% of any money made from bookings to local homelessness charities.

The Jacksonheim Boutique have integrated the HotelsThatHelp booking function to their website, so that whenever a booking is placed via The Jacksonheim Boutique website or via the HotelsThatHelp website, an average of £12* will be donated to local initiative Big Change MCR, per every night booked. There are no booking fees or added costs to the customer.

Supported by Manchester City Council, Big Change MCR works with charities, voluntary and public sector organisations to provide real, long-term solutions to homelessness. The money raised by Jacksonheim and HotelsThatHelp will pay for practical items individuals need to build independent lives away from the streets, such as clothes for an interview, a training course or a deposit for a home.

Speaking to The Manchester Evening News (MEN) about issues of the homeless occupying buildings illegally across the city of Manchester and the new alliance with HotelsThatHelp, Corin Craig Jackson, owner of The Jacksonheim Boutique said:

“It’s a vicious circle. The only way to help these people is not to kick them back out, we need to find a way to improve their circumstances. I can’t see it resolving itself any other way. Can we, as a collective, find a way – not to keep kicking them out – a way to make them not want to get in?”

Big Change MCR has already raised over £270,000 and helped over 1,500 individuals, but they need your support.

You can help as a consumer by donating directly to Big Change MCR. You can also help by booking a stay at one of The Jacksonheim Boutique’s luxury Manchester apartments, or any other hotel provider who displays the HotelsThatHelp logo.

Local and national businesses who provide accommodation, from small independent local providers like The Jacksonheim Boutique to large national chain operators, can also team up with HotelsThatHelp. There is no added cost to either the service provider or the consumer, as all monies (3.75% of the booking fee) are recovered from the booking partner,

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