Jacksonheim Director, Corin Craig Jackson Is Here To Stay

Employees of Jacksonheim know more than most, that Jacksonheim director Corin Craig Jackson has been making huge moves in the Manchester property industry. Now we are happy to announce that it seems we aren’t the only ones recognising the amazing journey Corin has been on to become the award-winning property developer he is today.

Corin’s Jacksonheim team

Corin has recently been recognised by Manchester’s biggest news conglomerates, The MEN. The articledetails how Corin managed to acquire 16 Airbnbs in Manchester – after sleeping in his car so he could rent out his own home.

Corin said: “When I first started seven years ago, the first property I listed on Airbnb was my New York Boutique apartment – that was my own home.

“I basically went and slept in my car or sofa surfed at friends’ houses so I could let it out.

Tired of extended stays in hotels as a National Account Manager; entrepreneur Corin Craig Jackson founded Jacksonheim in 2014. In 2019 he scaled the proposition, with the aim of offering extended stay travellers all the benefits of apartment living coupled with the service and flexibility of a hotel. Giving guests an authentic taste of culturally inspired design was, and still is, central to the brand proposition.

“It got to the stage in December 2019 that I was earning more from the apartments than from my six figure salary and so I knew it was time to take the plunge and make that my full time business.”

Today, Jacksonheim has become one of the fastest growing operators of luxury serviced accommodation in Manchester. With a current portfolio of 16 luxury city centre apartments and 8 pipeline buildings, the ambition is to continue to grow the B2R element of the business, under full Jacksonheim management.

The Luxe Scandinavian Boutique

Corin has proven himself to be hardworking, entrepreneurial, and driven which was evident throughout the pandemic. Where others found the pandemic to diminish moral and deter business owners from buying more property. Corin saw the uncertainty of the pandemic as a challenge, while maintaining his stance on continuing within the industry, despite the onslaught of doubts from friends and family who called him “mad”.

Corin on site working on on the Gotham City Boutique

Corin commented “Everyone was saying to pull out, the travelling market is not there, but I was saying ‘look, the market will come back, you told me I was stupid the first time around’.

Needless to say, Corin was right. Since June and the ease of lockdown restrictions, the business has grown from strength to strength, with his biggest portfolio to date and more on the way. Corin now employs 12 people to run his portfolio and maintains that anyone can give Airbnb a go – even if you don’t own your own home.




The Jacksonheim Boutique Aparthotel & Serviced Apartments is a collection of culturally inspired, luxury boutique apartments available to rent in Manchester city centre, on a nightly basis and monthly basis. Our collection is made up of 16+ beautifully unique boutique apartments that offer you a luxury home away from home..

Visit us online for bookings and the latest Jacksonheim information. You can also book now through trusted platforms like Booking.com and Airbnb to experience one of the boutiques for yourself. As if the deal couldn’t get any sweeter, guests can save up to 10% compared to any other site by booking directly at www.jacksonheim.co.uk/boutique-aparthotel.

Find us online at www.jacksonheim.co.uk/boutique-aparthotel

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