Massage therapy.


Enjoy Swedish Massage Therapy and Sports Massage Therapy, during your stay at The Jacksonheim Boutique.

The human body, just like the entire universe, is made up of the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.

Similar to yin and yang, life is most harmonious when all five elements are balanced. These elements – which nature is made up of, are reflected in different areas and functions of the body.

Swedish massage therapy is perfect for relaxation or as a general massage treatment.

Sports massage therapy is catered to those aches and pains we all experience from time to time.


Body areas: chest, pelvis, feet. Emotions generally are governed by the Water element. Qualities: flow, relationship, depth, sensitivity. Balance lets us feel our experience; whereas imbalance appears dry, flat or overly labile.


Body areas: neck, colon, knees. Emotions are fear when out of balance and trust when balanced. Qualities: support, stability, safety in balance; rigidity or instability when out of balance.


Body areas: head/eyes, digestive organs, thighs. Emotion of anger predominates, and balances as forgiveness. Qualities: direct, focused, concentrated, motivated. Excessive Fire becomes controlling; too little Fire is passive.


Body areas: shoulders/lungs, kidneys, ankles. Emotions are desire versus acceptance. Qualities: clarity of mind, intellect, openness. Excessive Air leads to scatteredness or dryness. Too little Air can manifest as pressure, dampness or heaviness.


Considered a non-manifest element. Ether represents the field/the space in which the other elements interact. This space is represented in the body in the joints. Emotions are grief and pride. Qualities: space, emptiness, stillness, the unmanifest ground.

The elements.

Each element manifests through an almost infinite variety of ways: seasons, climate, bodily organs, colours and sounds, direction, emotions, developmental stages, phases of growth, issues of the soul, etc.

These five elements are not only represented in the body,  but also how the individual relates to the natural and spiritual world, as well as to the entire universe is influenced by these elements.

Utilise the power of the five elements to release undesired emotions, restore your physical, emotional and spiritual health, regain energy and clarity and revitalize your body, mind and spirit with massage therapy.

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Requested treatment dates and times are subject to approval. Treatments must be booked and payment received, at least 3 days in advance of check-in. All bookings are non-refundable. If the guest wishes to change the date upon which the services are to be provided, agreement to do this will be at The Jacksonheim Boutique’s sole discretion.

About your therapist.


Your masseuse Caleb, is an ex-professional football player, enjoying an 18 year career playing both internationally and Premier League level.

In his 18 years as a sportsman and experiencing massage treatments first hand, he says he came to associate massage therapy with a feeling of vulnerability. It wasn’t until he embraced this link between massage therapy and emotional shifts that he began to experience an overwhelming sense of release both in his physical and psychological well-being.

Following this, Caleb became driven to learn more about and connect with the practises of massage therapy. Seeking and engaging into different forms of healing that are derived from energy and touch. His knowledge is manifested from experience in Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Working in Sports Massage Therapy overseas in football via Trinidad and Tobago and now enjoying working on a one-to-one basis with clients of The Jacksonheim Boutique, Caleb has only one notion for you; to uplift and restore calm in mind and body through massage therapy.


Level 3 diploma in Sport massage therapy

Level 4 certification Sport massage therapy

Reiki – level 1,2,3 Master level