Kellogg’s light up Trafford Park factory in colours of rainbow to celebrate Pride

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Kellogg's finds a different way to celebrate its LGBTQ+ colleagues and communities

The Kellogg’s factory in Trafford Park was lit up in the colours of the rainbow last night to mark the beginning of what should have been a season of summer Pride events.

Festivals across the country, including those in Manchester and Salford, have been cancelled due to COVID-19, so Kellogg’s decided to find a different way to celebrate and recognise its LGBTQ+ colleagues and communities.

The idea came from Kellogg’s LGBTQ+ staff and employees who champion inclusion in the business.

“At Kellogg’s we want to create an environment where everyone feels they belong, and we didn’t want to let this time pass without doing something to celebrate LGBTQ+ communities and our employees,”

said Kellogg’s VP and head of UK business, Chris Silcock.

‘’Pride events hold so much significance and importance and, while we know lighting up a factory can never replace a pride celebration, we hope this goes someway to show our solidarity and support during these times of change.’’

Kellogg’s have been making their products at the factory –  the largest cereal factory in Europe – since 1938. It will be lit up every evening for the rest of the month and again in August when Manchester Pride was due to take place.

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